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Terms & Conditions

The Swanage Fairy festival reserves the right to add and amend these terms and conditions at any time. Amendments will take affect as soon as posted here.
All tickets must be bought through our website in advance and are non-refundable. Tickets will be available at the door for £10 if the event is not sold out.


1. No dogs will be permitted at the festival except assistant dogs.


2. Upon entry everyone will be given a biodegradable bag for rubbish. There will have bins on site but we want to make sure we protect the area. If you are not near a bin or if the bins are full please use your biodegradable bag and take it home with you to dispose of correctly.


3. Print ticket out with QR code or bring digitally on your phone. The code can only be used once.

Tickets will be digitally checked at entrances and each guest will be given a wrist band. The wrist band allows guests to leave and re-enter the site freely.

3.1 At this time there are no concessions, perhaps this will be possible in the future.

3.2 All children will/must be supplied with a wrist band with a contact number. By purchasing a child ticket you will need to confirm you are the parent/guardian or nominated guardian of the child/children you are responsible for. Any child found unaccompanied by an adult will be taken to our welfare tent and kept safe while we call the appointed adult.  

3.3 Daily tickets are only valid for one day of the festival. Separate tickets must be bought for both days. There will be different wrist bands for each day. These will be checked upon entry on to the site.

3.4 It is the ticket holders responsibility to check all tickets before arrival as mistakes can not always be rectified. The ticket holder is solely responsible for his/her own ticket. The organiser can not be responsible for any ticket lost or stolen.

3.5 Lost, stolen or damaged wristbands are the sole responsibility of the holder. No wristband may be replaced by the event organiser once those are initially given out under any circumstances.

3.6 Tickets are non refundable and must be used for the day purchased for. 


4. Security checks will be held upon entrance to ensure the safety of all our guests and traders.

No Glass/bottles  will be allowed on site. Please decant to plastic before entry. We reserve the right to confiscate any glass/bottles.

4.1 There will be a zero tolerance of anyone bringing illegal drugs of any kind into the festival. These will be confiscated and authorities called.

4.2 Anyone caught dealing drugs will be removed immediately and the authorities called.

4.3 The organisers reserve the right to remove anyone under the influence whether illegal drugs or excessive alcohol consumption. The organisers reserve the right to remove anyone they feel is behaving inappropriately.


5. Ticket price includes all the entertainment on site. Including Live shows, story telling, walkabouts, meet and greets, workshops, bubble disco etc.

5.1  Food traders, drinks, face painting and gift traders are NOT included in the price of the ticket.

5.2 Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any ticket holder will be allowed without the organisers prior written consent.

6. All guests who plan to buy alcohol will be asked for a photo ID. We have a strict age 25 policy. Please ensure you have your ID on you for when you are asked.

6.1 We encourage you to bring your own water bottle as there will be a free station to refill water in an effort to be eco friendly using a minimum amount of cups as this is a plastic free event. 


6. By attending the festival, ticket holders agree and consent to being photographed, filmed or recorded as visitors attending the festival.

6.1 These said images and recordings can be used exclusively by the organiser in future marketing and promotional materials for the festival both in print or digitally on website and/or social media. You grant us the permission to use your image in publicity, marketing or promotional materials.

6.2 Photography and filming for any commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from the Swanage Fairy festival.

6.3 Any photographs or video uploaded by you to any of our social media pages can be used by the organiser on their website and for marketing and advertising of the event.

6.4 You may not sell any photography or moving images taken at the festival for commercial or other monetary gain.

6.5 Photographs and film taken at the Swanage Fairy festival can not be included in any advertising without prior written consent under any circumstances.

6.6 Swanage fairy Festival will consider specific filming requests. Usage and approval will be pre-arranged and agreed. to in advance Each request will be considered individually and agreed to based on its merits at the organisers discretion.

7. Photography and filming is allowed for personal use. However, please keep in mind this is a family festival and we ask you to be respectful and observe data protection laws.
7.1 Strictly no filming or photography of children unless you have the parent/guardians consent or they are your own children.

8. Entrance to the festival is at the ticket holders own risk

8.1 For the safety of all our guests it is forbidden for any person to enter restricted areas or back of house. This includes climbing on stages, fences, decorations or structures. If you are caught doing so you will be removed from the festival site.


9. The organisers, traders and entertainers will not be responsible or liable for any injuries, loss or damage property caused to the bearer of the ticket unless direct negligence on the part of the organiser, trader or entertainer. 


10. All guests must agree to respectively use the toilets and use the litter and recycling bins provided.

10.1 Anyone found urinating anywhere other than the toilets provided will be removed from the site.


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